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A concept design by Baysinger Architects LLC shows the new restroom/concession buildings for the football/track stadium and baseball/softball field at Massac County High School. The Unit 1 school board approved the two projects at its Jan. 25 meeting.

Massac Unit 1 will oversee four construction projects this summer. Part of the work will be funded through the selling of $1.6 million in bonds.

The school board made the approvals at its Jan. 25 meeting.

Mark Baysinger, with Baysinger Architects LLC, presented the design of the new restroom/concession building for the Massac County High School football/track stadium, along with a smaller version to be located at the school's baseball/softball field.

The board also approved Baysinger's design for a new maintenance building to be located behind Massac Junior High School as the current building, located at Metropolis Elementary School, has been condemned.

To provide additional storage at MES, the board approved building a smaller storage facility on the foundation of the maintenance building

Financial consultant Tim King discussed the extension of the district's working cash fund bonds for these and future projects.

The bond “will give us around $1.6 million to cover all four of those building projects with hopefully some left over for other health/life/safety improvements,” Unit 1 superintendent Jason Hayes said.

King noted the bonds are at an all-time low that may never be seen again. “The district can borrow money at less than 1% interest,” Hayes explained. “(King) encouraged the district to think about extending the bonds out further to take advantage of these extremely low rates since we can put it in a fund and earn a little interest off it and have the money ready when needed. The board is thinking about that.”

The board did approve a resolution to extend the working class bond schedule for two more years with $1.6 million being issued.

In addition to the bonds, the remainder of the construction costs will be paid for by a school maintenance grant the district received. The district will put out sealed bid requests for the work.

In other business, the board:

• Authorized moving forward with student athletic activities per IHSA ( Illinois High School Association) and SIJHSAA (Southern Illinois Junior High School Athletic Association) recommendations.

• Accepted the resignation of MCHS special education teacher Kelsi Mann.

• Authorized placing bid requests for food, dairy, bakery, student pictures and insurance for the 2021-22 school year.

• Approved the six-month review of closed session minutes.

• And, authorized a resolution concerning the notice of remedial warning.

Classes will not be in session Monday, Feb. 15, in observance of Presidents' Day.

The board's next regular meeting is 6:30 p.m. Monday, Feb. 22, at the MCHS library. Comments and questions should be sent to

A public hearing is set for 4:30 p.m. Monday, Feb. 8, at the MCHS library to receive public comment on the proposed e-Learning plan.

The Illinois State Board of Education and the Regional Office of Education #21 requires school

districts to approve an e-Learning plan per the statute passed by the 101st Illinois General Assembly. The Unit 1 board must approve e-Learning days and submit its plan to the ROE for final approval.

The e-Learning plan addresses student learning in a remote environment, providing uninterrupted education to students during emergency days. E-Learning days can only be used in place of up to five emergency (snow) days during a normal school year. The plan covers a period of three school years, expiring at the end of the 2022-23 school year. More information on the e-Learning plan and a public feedback comment form is available at

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