Brookport City Council members accepted the resignation of Sandra Bailey from the Ward 1 alderman position at the April 19 meeting and are looking for a replacement.

Interested parties may submit a letter of intent as long as they have lived in the Ward 1 area for at least a year. Contact city hall for specifics. Ward 1 is located in the western side of Brookport.

Motion passed to approve the paying of bills totaling $75,770.91.

Treasurer Alison Boyt reported $249,535.54 in the general fund and $234,917.92 in the motor fuel tax fund.

City Clerk Lori Klotz, reported $127,241.68 was collected and turned over to the treasurer for deposit.

Scott MacDonald noted that 37 tickets were issued and two arrests made last month. Just in the past two weeks, four more arrests were made. A new trainee has put in an application. Payton Haynes’ training has been delayed due to suspension of classes in the part-time academy for lack of enough students.

Bill Copley was not present for the fire report.

City workers have been clearing gutters and storm drains and patched a few pot holes. When the rains stop, mowing season will begin.

The Shop with a Cop program is undergoing a few revisions in the ordinance. Some modifications will be made regarding gift cards and timing of the shopping spree. A dinner with gifts will still be part of the program. Modifications will be made as details arise.

Two pickup trucks will be put up for bids. Both are red and in the mid-70s. The city no longer has use for these trucks. Bids will be taken until Friday, May 13, when at noon the winners will be notified.

A generator received from the LESO program several years ago and stored at the lagoon will be cleaned and made ready. It only had 13 hours of use and, if it is in working condition, will be used for city hall. Council approved payment of $299.98 for batteries.

Council agreed to a change order for the new pump house to include a wall heater. This is under the water grant from Delta Regional Authority.

The last order of business was to close off West Second Street from the highway to the post office for a block party to be held Saturday, April 30, from 3-10 p.m. Money raised will benefit an orphanage in Haiti. Gregg Stamme has been involved with helping this orphanage for a while.

Debbie Workman thanked all who gave their help in the community Easter egg hunt at the park. There was a good turnout for the festivities and fun.

Mayor Rance Phillips reported that cleanup is continuing around town. The house demolitions from the Strong Community grant are still waiting final approval. The city will do four to five houses at a time since the grant will only reimburse the city expenses. Once reimbursement has been received, the next group of houses will be done.

Work will be starting on the Dollar General store again. The new finish date will be in September. Because of the delay in getting the permit from IDNR, fill could not be started.

Phillips noted the new restaurant in town and hopes the community will give its support. It is currently open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Flossy hopes to add breakfast in the future.

Lawyer Pat Hewson is reviewing the Muni Code ordinance packet that was commissioned under the last administration. This was to eliminate old non-relevant ordinances and to put the current ordinances in an understandable order.

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