West Kentucky Community and Technical College is offering two new classes on Saturdays during October and November for teenagers through adults to learn the basics of sign language.

Beginning Sign Language I will be offered three consecutive Saturdays between Oct. 12 and 26.

Beginning Sign Language II will be offered three consecutive Saturdays between Nov. 2 and 16.

Each class will be held from 1-3 p.m. in the college's Emerging Technology Center, Room 140. The cost is $45 for each class. Nancy Strong is the instructor.

Beginning Sign Language I is designed as a basic beginner class for those who are interested in learning sign language.

Vocabulary is the main focus with the introduction of more than 100 signs and numbers 1-20. Students will learn how to introduce themselves in sign language.

An overview of the differences of Signed Exact English, signed English and American Sign Language (ASL) and a few Deaf cultural notes are included.

Students will participate in games and activities to reinforce their basic expressive and receptive skills. Practice will continue outside of class with the use of LifePrint.com.

Beginning Sign Language II is designed as a continuation of Beginning Sign Language I.

Signs learned in Beginning Sign Language I will be reviewed and a minimum of 100 additional signs will be introduced.

Students will learn to sign and recognize numbers 21-100, learn and practice ASL facial expressions, learn how to ask for clarification of a sign and learn additional Deaf Culture facts.

Students will practice expressive and receptive skills through class participation including activities and games and outside of class using LifePrint.com.

To register online, visit ws.kctcs.edu/westkentucky, select Sign Language or by calling 270-534-3821.

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