The Massac County Clerk is accepting write-in candidates for the April 6 Consolidated Election.

The deadline for write-in candidacy submissions is Feb. 4.

Offices on the Massac County Consolidated Election ballot are: mayor, city clerk and aldermen for the City of Brookport; mayor, city clerk and aldermen for the City of Metropolis; trustees for the Village of Joppa; school board members for Joppa-Maple Grove Unit School District 38; and school board members for Massac Unit Unit School District 1.

The election also includes the offices of Shawnee College Trustees, Vienna Public Grade School #55, Vienna High School District 13-3 and Century School District 100 board.

Members of the Century board of education will serve a four-year term. Voters will elect a total of four. Candidates are: Christina Wright (Township 14S Range 1E), Lisa A. Miller (Township 15S Range 1E), Alma DeWitt (Township 14S Range 1W) and Christy Davis (Township 14S Range 2E).

Membership on the Century school board is restricted to a maximum of three members from any congressional township. On the basis of existing board membership, members may be elected in the the following numbers from each congressional township: not more than three may be elected from Township 15S Range 1E; not more than two from Township 15S Range 2E; not more than two from Township 14S Range 2E; not more than two from Township 14S Range 1W; and not more than three from Township 14S Range 1E.

For more information on being a write-in candidate, contact the Massac County Clerk’s office at 524-5213.

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