85 Years Ago

Republican Herald

November 28, 1934

Sheriff Fred Risinger has selected Herbert Goyert as his chief deputy for the coming term. Mr. Kruger, retiring sheriff, has decided to return to his farm. Mr. Risinger, who was Mr. Kruger's Deputy, goes into the office with several years' experience. Mr. Goyert was a candidate for sheriff on the Republican ticket at the primary last spring and made a good showing.

A chapter of the Veterans of the Spanish American war was recently established here. Several notables from Springfield, Ill. and Paducah were among those present. The following local officers were installed: Commander, John T. Irving; Senior Vice-Commander, Allen B. Springer; Junior Vice-Commander, Walter P. Bunn; Trustees, Louis W. Thane, Wm. L. Pipkins and Thomas Harmon; Adjutant, Wm. D. Harrington; Quartermaster, Chas. E. Munal. There were 26 names sent to the National Headquarters to be placed upon the charter.

William Beckman, 87, a veteran of the Civil War, died at his home about two miles northwest of Metropolis on Wednesday evening, November 21st. He was born in Germany in 1847 and came to America at the age of six. He had been a resident of Massac County since that time. At the age of 18 he enlisted in the service of his country and served about two-and-one-half years.

In 1876 he married Susan Douthitt and to this union were born five daughters and two sons, one son preceding him in death. He became a member of the Christian Church at Liberty Ridge in 1890. Funeral services were conducted at his home Friday afternoon with Rev. Waters of the Christian Church in Metropolis and Rev. Peterson of the Baptist Church at Brookport officiating. Military services were conducted at the Masonic Cemetery, where he was laid to rest.

70 Years Ago

Metropolis News

November 24, 1949

State Police this week warned all motorists that Route 45 from the Junction of Route 145 to Brookport is not open to traffic and that persons who use the road illegally will be arrested and fined. Several motorists have already been arrested. The contractor has asked cooperation of the public in keeping off the highway as it will make it possible to complete the road sooner and prevent accidents.

Paving on Route 45 east of Metropolis is progressing within the city limits of Brookport. Paving had been completed to the Illinois Central Railroad crossing just outside of Brookport Monday morning and by that evening an additional 611 feet was completed, leaving about 1174 feet remaining.

The new high pressure, high temperature boiler being installed at the power plant is expected to be in operation by February 1st, according to Chief Engineer W.F. Marberry. Work on the boiler was started about a month ago and at the present time 12 boiler makers are working on the installation. All drums have been set and about 70 percent of the two miles of tubing has been installed.

The boiler is capable of producing 40,000 pounds pressure per hour and the stoker will handle the finest coal. The addition of the new boiler will make the local plant one of the most modern in this section of the country and its capacity will produce ample pressure to take on additional loads such as would originate from more factories.

Applications for employment at Normandy Frocks will begin Monday morning at the temporary location in the Dixon Building, 606 Market Street. The building was formerly occupied by the Economy Store and the Rew Store. Machinery has been moved into the building and production will start as soon as minor repairs are completed. Construction of the new building on East Fifth Street will be pushed as rapidly as possible.

Mrs. Myrtle Dunmire, 31, Metropolis, died Saturday night enroute to a Paducah hospital of injuries received when the car in which she was riding crashed into a road motor grader near the Busclas Service Station on the newly paved section of Route 45, three quarters of a mile east of the intersection of Route 145. Funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon at the Aikins Funeral Home in Metropolis. Mrs. Dunmire was the manager of Cherry The Florist in Metropolis.

Her husband, William, 33, who was also a passenger in the car, is in the Riverside Hospital in Paducah with a head injury and fractured knee. Raymond Williamson, 27, Metropolis, owner and driver of the car, is in critical condition at the same hospital with a severe head injury. As of 10 a.m. Tuesday, both men were reported to be in a "poor" condition.

The accident occurred about 9:45 p.m. Saturday; Williamson was heading west on Route 45 toward Metropolis. A road motor grader owned by Cameron, Joyce & Co., road contractors, was being driven east and in making a left turn across the highway it was struck by the Williamson car. It was demolished. The 19-year-old driver of the grader was arrested and charged with driving it without permission of the owner. He was released on a $500 bond. An inquest will be held at the court house in Metropolis on Wednesday.

50 Years Ago

Metropolis News

November 27, 1969

A call for December 3rd has been received by the Massac County Selective Service Office. Two men have been ordered to report for induction in the U.S. Army, and five others have been ordered to report for pre-induction physical examinations. The call is the first for the county since October, when the number was reduced from 12 to 4.

Employees of the four Good Luck Glove Company plants in the area donated a total of $2,778 to the Lions Club Telethon on November 16th, it was learned this week. Good Luck has cotton glove plants in Metropolis, Vienna and Rosiclaire, and a leather glove plant in Metropolis. Approximately 800 persons are employed in the four plants.

Plans are going forward this week to begin using the new 1,200 foot lock at Brookport Dam 52 next week. Installation of the floor of the lock was completed early Saturday, and construction crews this week were conducting gate tests and finishing minor details of the $8 million structure which was started in May 1968. The exact time of the opening will depend somewhat on the necessity for locking through the dam.

Since Thursday water in the river has been high enough to permit boats to pass over the dam. The river level is expected to fall this week, barring unforseen rain or snow, and crews at the Dam said it may be necessary to start erecting the wickets on Thanksgiving Day. The lock, which is on the land side of the old 699-foot lock, is expected to break the traffic bottleneck that has plagued river navigation interests for several years. On Thursday about 20 boats were waiting when the water reached the stage that the lock could be closed and boats were permitted to pass over the Dam. A total of 35 boats passed the point Thursday.

Robert C. Cherry, owner of Cherry The Florist, this week is announcing the grand opening on Saturday and Sunday of his business in a new location at 812 Ferry Street, two blocks north of the building occupied by the florist for the past 16 years. Mrs. Ruthe MacKenzie, mother of Mr. Cherry, is manager of the shop. This is the second time that Cherry has "moved up the street two blocks" since starting in the business in Metropolis in 1947.

After buying the Egyptian Florist from Dick and Lucy Cochran at 431 Ferry Street, he changed the name to Cherry The Florist and operated at that location until the fall of 1953, when he bought the property at 610 Ferry Street from Dr. M.S. Dixon and moved the shop there. Cherry has operated florists businesses in Paducah since 1946 and presently has four retail stores and two greenhouses. He is currently serving as mayor of Paducah.

Hunters killed 1,902 deer during the first three days of the shotgun season in District 11, which comprises 11 counties, according to Leonard Devers, district supervisor. The season opened Friday and continued through Sunday. The number is 132 below last year's total for the first three days of a split season. Pope County led with 586 harvested; Massac had 33, Pulaski 19, Alexander 134, Union 267 and Johnson 318.

Playing at the Massac Theatre is "Number One," starring Charlton Heston and Jessica Walter.

25 Years Ago

The Metropolis Planet

November 30, 1994

A building project will soon give City National Bank extra room. The two-story addition will contain 2098 square feet on the lower floor and 1885 on the upper. The addition will house six additional offices, a conference room, a record vault, additional storage and an elevator. The extra space will allow the bank to add one investment position, plus move loan officers into the new space. The addition will be constructed on the west side of the bank on what is now its parking lot next to the city hall.

Bank President Tom Pullen said construction began Monday and the project is expected to be completed in nine months. Facing on the new portion will consist of the same type of stone as on the existing structure to maintain the same look. The building, constructed in 1909, was enlarged in 1960 and remodeled in 1978-80.

A memorial honoring two Joppa High School students who died in accidents this past summer will be established in a converted trophy case at the high school. The memorial will honor John Schmidt, who died in a farm accident in May, and Damon Harville, who died in a fire in August. Schmidt's basketball jersey will be a part of the display. Harville began the 1993-94 basketball season with the Rangers, but left the team in mid-season. Other memorabilia will be included in the case, which will be located in the gym foyer.

Even though the official turning on of the 500,000 lights comprising the displays of Hometown Christmas at Fort Massac State Park is set for next Saturday, the lights have been glowing since last Sunday. The lights were supposed to have been turned on earlier but vigorous efforts by a host of volunteers Friday, Saturday and Sunday helped put the finishing touches on the displays, transforming perplexing heaps of steel brackets, light bulbs and electric cables into works of Christmas art.

The displays will operated nightly from 5 to 10 p.m. through Jan. 8. A $5 donation will be asked per carload. To complement this display, the City of Metropolis has purchased new lights and decorations for the business district.

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