Poppies Flowers & Gifts co-owner Debbie Brannum hangs up portraits of mom drawn by 3- to 5-year-olds in the preschool class at Funshine Daycare in the shop’s window front. Passersby can vote on their favorite until 7 p.m. Friday.

What does a 3-, 4- or 5-year-old see when he looks at his mom?

The pre-school class at Funshine Daycare was asked to draw portraits of their moms for Mother’s Day, which is Sunday.

The results are hanging in the window of Poppies Flowers & Gifts, located on Ferry Street. Passers-by can vote on their favorite until 7 p.m. Friday. The mother of the winner will receive a fresh bouquet for Mother’s Day compliments of Poppies and Funshine.

Poppies’ co-owner Debbie Brannum approached Funshine owner/director Mary Hughes with the idea a month ago while she was picking up her grandson Creighton.

“I asked if she’d be willing to let the kids draw a picture for their mom for Mother’s Day so I can hang them in the window and display them,” Brannum said. “Then we came up with the idea for the bouquet. It’s just something that I thought would be cute to do.”

Brannum placed the portraits in her storefront window last week.

“It’s pretty cool to put them all up there. People will stop by and look and point and grin,” she said, noting there have been “quite a few names put in” for the drawing. “They’re all portraits — some are just scribbles, some are detailed. There are a couple up there that are very interesting. Some are just their mom, some are them and their mom. One is of them, their mom and the baby belly.”

Hughes explained “what we try to do at this age is teach the kids that everybody has a head, a neck, two arms, two leg and a body. Most of the kids don’t know to put a neck on there; sometimes, they don’t do hands and feet. Our goal is to teach them to interpret the details of the body. We usually do it steps at a time — we’ll start with the head, then teach them to do the eyes, then we move on as they get older.”

This year, however, the young artists are giving their moms and families a special memory.

“We were trying to encourage them to draw a picture of what they think their mom looks like. One of them there’s a circle on the mommy’s belly because she’s pregnant,” Hughes said.

The Funshine students will be revisiting their portrait skills in another month, “that way they learn different areas and add that into this one,” Hughes said.

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