BookBites: Great Reading Ideas About Family Matters and Political Intrigue


"What's Not Said"

by Valerie Taylor 

Kirkus calls "What's Not Said" "snappy and contemporary…reads like a fun, romantic comedy despite the heavy subject matter." When Kassie discovers her emotionally abusive husband has chronic kidney disease, her plans to divorce him and move in with a younger man collapse - until she pokes around and realizes his illness is the least of his deceits.

But Kassie is no angel. As she struggles to justify her own indiscretions, their lives collide into a tangled web of sex, lies and DNA. Kassie commits to helping her husband find an organ donor. In the process, she uncovers a life-changing secret, forcing her to decide whose life to save. Purchase at

"Hate's Recompense" 

by Joseph H. Gibson 

President Kahn faces a stiff re-election and moves to usurp the democratic process by executing cyber and bioterrorism attacks on his own country to stay in power. Kahn fabricates a lethal bio attack by Iran, which he plans to execute with the help of an Artificial Intelligence Agent called Athena.

Resistance leaders learn of Kahn's plans - and millions of lives are at stake. They organize an uprising. But as they lose the battle, their only hope is to free the creators of Athena from Kahn's captivity and allow them to reprogram their brainchild to end Kahn's deadly politics. But is the country ready to relinquish control to a machine? Purchase at


by Rikki West 

Rikki and her sister, Linda, had fallen out with one another. They are not speaking when Linda emails that she has lethal abdominal tumors, that her only hope is a total bone marrow replacement. Linda claims Rikki is too old to donate, and explains there's only a slight chance she is a good match - but Rikki refuses to accept that.

Linda's email ignites a wild aspiration in Rikki: She will become the perfect donor, with the most vigorous cells possible. She rises with intent to heal herself, her sister, and their rootlines, the patterns formed in their family of origin that have quietly shaped their lives. The sisters beat the lymphoma - and heal the intertwined roots of their family pain. Purchase at

"Kill Chain"

by Dominic Martell 

Years ago, Pascual Rose put his life as a terrorist behind him. He sold out his colleagues for a new identity and low profile in Barcelona. All was quiet until he received a midnight text: Come join us on the terrace.

The stakes are high: if he fails, it will cost him his family; if he succeeds, $1 million will buy a lot more than translation piecework will. But the money-laundering scheme involves a nexus of diverted revenues, shell companies and cryptocurrencies peopled by shadowy benefactors, Russian mobsters, German intelligence agents, and a mysterious woman with a chilling warning: Get out before it's too late. Purchase at

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