I wasn’t excited about it at first, I’ll admit. Maybe it is because everyone started talking about the eclipse well over a year ago. But, the closer it gets, the more excited I have become. We are now officially less than two months away — just seven more Mondays and it happens.

In thinking about the upcoming solar eclipse, I can remember being in grade school and learning how to make a pinhole in an index card in order to look at an eclipse. It seems like maybe there was some sort of partial eclipse, perhaps? But, the odd thing is I really don’t remember my Mom taking me outside to see it. I have a pretty good memory about things like that, but I just don’t remember actually viewing it. So, this time around, I have my pair of eclipse glasses ready to go, and I’m getting anxious for the big day.

Earlier this year when I went to the Rotary-Kiwanis Spaghetti Supper, I put in some raffle tickets on some of the gift items that were available. I ended up winning a very sharp looking eclipse art piece by Diane Bremer. I have yet to hang it up, as is the case with most of the pictures because I am not great with home decorating to begin with.

I still need to get to the post office to get some of the eclipse stamps to keep as a memento of the occasion. I might even have to frame some stamps to go with my eclipse artwork and likely it’ll remain un-hung too until I find just the right spot.

When we had the big Supermoon event, I tried to take some photos around town of some of the iconic spots with the Supermoon in the frame. Some shots were good, others, not so good. I’ve been reading up on the solar eclipse on how to shoot it, both with a digital camera and with iPhones.

Monday night I attended the Paducah Photography Club meeting, and the presentation was on the eclipse.

I’ve had fun experimenting with time-lapse videos, so I’m looking forwarding to trying time lapse and slow motion videos during the eclipse as well as some still shots. It’s always a challenge for me to shoot photos of the moon so I’m sure trying to capture the total solar eclipse will provide an even greater challenge.

I want to try my best to get some good shots of this awesome event. For me it’s probably going to be a once in a lifetime event, unless I become an eclipse chaser. I didn’t realize that much like the people who chase storms, there are actual eclipse chasers too. I know I, as well as thousands of others, are hoping and praying for good weather and lots of sunshine on Monday, Aug. 21, as the sun and the moon — for two minutes and forty some odd seconds, give or take, depending on where you are during the eclipse — will take center stage and will be the main attraction that day.

Thousands of people are expected to be in southern Illinois and western Kentucky, and communities and organizations have made plans and organized events specifically in preparation for the eclipse — from activities here in Metropolis on Sunday, Aug. 20, to a luncheon at Tanglefoot Ranch and Moonstock and Ozzy Ozbourn on the day of the eclipse — there are a lot of people hoping to cash in on some tourism dollars during this big event.

So, no matter where you decide to take in the total solar eclipse of 2017, pick out your spot, make sure you have your eclipse glasses and let’s all hope and pray for good weather! I will be trying to record it and photograph it, but just for a few seconds during the totality, I want to be able to take off the eclipse glasses to view it with my eyes and enjoy the moment.

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