I feel the need to share concerns I have regarding the presidential election. I'm afraid as a nation we may not be focusing on what is really at stake here. It goes beyond just party lines, and definitely beyond personalities. The direction of our nation is on the ballot more so this election than at any other time.

I want everyone to take this election very seriously, whether it is your first time to vote or you have been faithful voters for many years. I am afraid that as citizens we get so caught up in the emotions — with social media it is hard not to — that we don't see the real issues. That mixed with not being able to trust that we are getting the facts when we watch the news makes it hard to make deliberate decisions based on the issues.

This is not really a Trump versus Biden election. This is a decision for the American people to decide if we want to try to realign America with who America is, or are we going to succumb to propaganda regarding an ideology that is leading us more in a socialistic agenda.

No matter how you try to dress it up, the left is not only leaning that way, they are pushing hard. Please, fellow Americans, don't be deceived, don't let personalities be your reason for choice. Look carefully at platforms. Choose wisely. God bless America.

Jaclyn Farmer


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