The Superman Celebration started Thursday, June 8 at 5 p.m. but we arrived in Metropolis Tuesday, June 6.

This was our vacation, and Helen and I needed it. To spend a week in Metropolis is very nice, relaxing and it’s great to catch up with close friends whom we didn’t see since last year.

We left from Philadelphia to Chicago, and from Chicago to Paducah.

When we got to Chicago I met up with two Facebook friends and a long-time friend John Field, Jim Bowers and Sam Rizzo. I had a great time with these guys. They sat behind us on the plane, and they had us laughing.

Wednesday we got up and took our morning walk. We walked past Mayor Billy McDaniel’s office to say “hello” and he gave us a cup of coffee. After that we did our Paducah run which means we went to the mall and Wal-mart to get our supplies for the week. When we got back to the hotel, we met Trish Steckenrider from Metropolis Tourism. She took our picture and posted it on Facebook. After that we walked around Metropolis, visited the Super Museum and got a chance to see and talk to Morgan and Adam Siebert. This past winter the Supergirl portion of the museum was damaged. Morgan and Adam worked really hard to restore that section and they did a Super job. If you did not go through the Super Museum this year I encourage everyone to check it out.

Thursday was the beginning of the Celebration. It started at 5 p.m. under the Superman Statue. After that there were two events the Super Friends Bowling and Superman All American Hero (1941 – 1966) hosted by John Field. This was shown at the Baymont Theater. We have bowled in the past, and I wanted to see the Superman presentation and was hoping to go bowling afterward but we were tired and went to bed after John’s event.

Friday was a big day for us. We started the day by going back to the theater to see another presentation by John “George Reeves Super Star.” John puts together a good show by taking clips from various movies and shows and tells the history of them.

After that there was a dilemma. Both Helen and I help Neil and Jennifer Cole with the Superman SuperSite Meet and Greet at Fat Edd’s and after that is Superman Jeopardy at the Metro Tent hosted by John and Alex Rinaldi with help from their sons and daughters. These two are my favorite events. This year both events were happening at the same time. Helen went to help at the Meet and Greet and I went to Jeopardy. After Jeopardy, Helen and I stayed under the Metro Tent for the Q&A with Margot Kidder and Sarah Douglas.

After the Q&A we went to stand in line to meet Margot and Sarah, but after standing for an hour in line we went back to the Baymont Theater to watch the three hour version of Superman the Movie hosted by Jim Bowers. I was excited to see this. The last time Helen and I saw that version was at that theater during the Superman Celebration in 1998.

Saturday was another big day for us. It started with meeting Dean Cain and James Marsters. Both of them were really nice and pleasant. After that was Super Toons hosted by John Field. That is where we sat and watched classic cartoons of the 1940’s through 1960’s.

After that we tried again to meet Margot and Sarah, but the line was long. We saw the Q&A with Dean Cain hosted by Dough Hubler and after Dean was James Marsters hosted by Brian K. Morris. Then we went back to stand in line for Margot and Sarah again. This time the line was not as long as it was earlier. We were third or fourth from the door, and Sarah Douglas left.

Now it was time for Superman Jeopardy again. This time both Helen and I were able to participate. After Jeopardy was another trivia event, Superman the Christopher Reeve Years hosted by Jim Bowers.

After the Christopher Reeve trivia we went back to the hotel to get ready for the Hollywood Ball. It was nice that we got to sit next to Neil and Jennifer. The night started out all right. They had a live band playing music from today with a 1940’s flair, but when they went to playing songs from the 1960’s everyone started to dance. This was one event I was really looking forward to because I like to dance. The night ended early for me because when then started playing Footloose I went wild and pulled the muscle in my left calf.

Sunday was the last day, I could not walk right and thanks to Jim Bowers, he suggested that I go to Walgreen’s to get a wrap for my leg and it helped.

After that we went to the theater one last time to see John Field’s Name That Movie contest. We could only stay for a short time because it was time for our event, Stump the Superman Expert trivia show. It’s hard for me to believe that this was our eighth year hosting this show and also the people who attend the Celebration look forward to it.

After our event was what many look forward to, the Costume Contest. People really put forth their best effort for this. There were people dressed up as Batman, Robin, Joker, Harley Quinn, Aquaman and Wonder Woman.

After the Costume Contest it was time for dinner then back to the hotel to pack up.

I really look forward to the Metropolis Superman Celebration every year and just like the years past, it goes by way too fast. It’s not just a Superman Celebration, it’s a family reunion, and me and Helen are so Blessed to be part of this family.

See you all again in 2018.

God Bless.

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