Dear Editor:

It appears total evil has overtaken our government and our world. These individuals, the elite, Illuminati, Bushes, Clintons, George Soros and his many groups, Bildeburgers, Trilateral, secret societies, the Jesuits, the Pope, the royals of Britian and Europe, the United Nations, NATO, both political parties want total control of the world.

The corporations, Monsanto, Nestle, Dupont, oil companies, etc. are the real force behind our political corruption, our planet’s distruction and our economic enslavement.

“They” were totally knocked out of the ballpark with the Peoples choice, President Trump’s election. They are gathering all their evil forces to unseat him. Obama is waiting in the wings with 30,000 malcontents to overthrow the White House. “They” own all media communications to spread their ugly rumors. Don’t listen to them. They are pressing for World War III. More money for them and hell for the world. There is no benefit for us or the world in war.

Putin has turned Russia into our 1950 USA I grew up in, while we have transformed to 1930 Russia. Putin and Donald Trump are on the same path to make their countries great again, not for war, but for peace. Hooray for our teams.

Rothchilds bankers. This one family has the power to destroy any nation that doesn’t do as told as seen in the destruction of the Middle East by the USA, Inc. Army. They control the world and us.

Bill Gates, Microsoft founder, is a promoter of vaccinations. India’s doctors reported 47,000 cases of paralysis directly proportional to doses of Polio vaccines.

Henry Kissinger mentored Hillary and Obamas never ending war on terror, killing so many of our young men. The CFR sits right next door to the White House as Hillary bragge it was handy for her to walk over to get her instructions, and I guess Obama and the rest did too. The 435 elected officials are totally responsible for the mess in D.C. Inc.

Search Google: 1. No evidence of Trump collusion with Russia, Trey Goudy. 2. James Comey confirms that New York Times story on Russia collusion, conspiracy is fake news. 3. Putin celebrates Veterans Day 4. Donald Trump deserves the total support of the people who voted.

Golman Sach and all federal reserve banks have been duping and robbing us and the whole world. They created the 2008 financial crisis, the Great Depression and more every day stuff, generating great wealth for themselves and are still at it. Get rid of them. Arrest, try and jail them.

Actually it is the secret battle between the USA Constitutionalists and Fake USA Corporation, arrest them all.

They USA, Inc. have usurped our USA Constitutional government and they are in shock, stuppified and using every dirty trick to unseat President Trump. Don’t believe them. Support the Donald.

Betty Varnum

Metropolis, IL

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