Wearing masks in service to others

I’m writing because I want to draw attention to a Metropolis business doing something I deeply appreciate. Big John asks that patrons wear masks in their store. They have signs on the door explaining that a mask should be worn to shop there.

I cannot begin to thank Big John enough for this. I’m 60 years old and so of course I do not want to get the virus. But here is what is way more important to me. My parents are in their eighties. I cannot let my guard down. I must protect them.

When I’m shopping anywhere I’m acutely aware of my distance from other people. I wear my mask every time I go into a business. In so many places, unfortunately, there are people without masks. I continue to be shocked by this. When I wear my mask, it is providing me some protection. But more importantly, when I wear a mask, I am protecting other people.

If other people wear their masks, then they are helping to protect me. And then I am less likely to take the virus to my parents. Some people are not concerned about contracting COVID-19 and do not wear a mask for that reason. But when you wear a mask, you wear it in service to other people.

When I shop at Big John I can relax. They are doing the right thing. With a rare exception or two, everyone working and shopping in Big John is wearing a mask. I applaud Big John. You are doing the right thing. My family and I thank you.

Chrystal Parker

Grand Chain

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