Prayer gathering

Members of the community and city officials gathered at the courthouse on Saturday to pray for the community and country.

Take a stand — not with violence but with peace

A small crowd gathered Saturday at the Superman Statute for a chance to pray together for the community and country’s problems. It was more of of a “pray test” than protest. Bro. Randy Cole gave encouraging words that if God has his eye on sparrows He surely has His eye on us.

Organized by Brenda King and Ashley Johnson, this gathering was a sincere outcry for negotiation and better understanding of how our world needs to get back to integrity and have respect for each other.

Families are important. Faith is important. Freedom for all is important.

Take a stand for what you believe in. Not with violence but with peace. Pray that the right people who can make a difference will listen.

Thanks to Mayor Billy McDaniel and several policemen for coming. Another meeting will be scheduled for July.

Chris Everett


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