I am writing as a response to the cartoon that was on the Opinion page Thursday, Sept. 23, edition.

I call it a cartoon because when I saw it my first reaction was, “You have got to be kidding!”

The red pen was marking out parts of the Constitution with the caption, "This has got to go, too."

What I am referring to is not the fact that we are seeing our Constitution being trampled on and rewritten, but that the cuff had the letters "GOP." That's when I saw red!

Right now "We the People" are having to search long and hard to find what the truth is, and each of us — including media — has a responsibility to report truth, not their side of the story.

For years, unfortunately, our Constitution has been treated as a thing we refer to when it is convenient as as the "law of the land." This administration has trampled on the Constitution more in the last eight months than in any period in history. I can give you the truthful facts on that. Both the Republicans and Democrats have been guilty, unfortunately, of not going by the Constitution for a good many years. It started when Congress did not do their job and started giving more and more power to the Supreme Court.

Our Constitution is relevant and an awesome piece of government rule. I challenge each of you to read it and not let fake news or any other source persuade you.

Jaclyn Farmer


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