“The only constant in life is change,” said Greek philosopher Heraclitus. And those words are so true, especially in the 21st century, and most notably in the year 2020.

As technology and the internet have expanded over the past decade, the newspaper industry has been able to streamline more of its operations into centralized locations. This hasn’t happened overnight. It’s happened slowly over the past several years. And it’s happened in several other industries the nation depends on for day-to-day businesses.

Major newspaper companies like Gannett and Tribune Media were the first to streamline day-to-day operations such as ad design, pagination and printing, and others soon followed. On the business side for us, it makes logical sense.

So, the time has come to shut the doors of a building that’s been a fixture on E. Fifth St. in Metropolis since 1986.

While the doors may be shut, the Metropolis Planet newspaper will still be published and placed on news racks every Thursday, just as it has been for the past 155 years since its original founding in 1865. The Southern Scene will still be delivered on Mondays to your doorstep or mailbox. The operational work will just take place in a different location.

The Metropolis Planet has been, and will continue to be, the local newspaper in the hometown of Superman.

This will bring about positive changes such as a larger newsroom of reporters to report the stories that need to be told. Stories about annual events, business’ milestones, governmental and school board meetings, economic changes, school news, feature stories about local residents and the list goes on, and on. Those reporters will continue to write and record the history of this great county and community for future generations to look back upon.

Continue to submit your news items, What’s Happening and Round Up events, and any other news related information or questions to news@metropolisplanet.com.

While the doors will be shut, excellent customer service will also remain when you need to order a subscription, have questions regarding your subscription or place a classified ad or legal notice. Simply dial the same number you have been using, 618-524-2141, or email classifieds@metropolisplanet.com.

There will still be familiar faces of Planet staff around town. Sales Representative Angie Humphries will continue servicing this community and southern Illinois for all your print, digital and social media marketing needs. She can still be reached at ads@metropolisplanet.com.

Galen and Beth Shelton will continue being at sporting events shooting pictures, taking notes and rooting on the Massac County Patriots, Joppa Rangers and the Massac Junior High Trojans.

You will still see Jerry Boney delivering single copies of newspapers to news dealers each week, and Southern Scene carrier Morris Shreves tossing the Scene to neighborhood homes throughout your city route.

So while the physical doors may be shut, we are just one phone call or email away, and poised and ready to publish the Metropolis Planet for another 150 plus years.

Today, more than ever, community journalism matters. Your continued support of the Metropolis Planet is valued and appreciated.

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