Both Illinois State Senator Dale Fowler and Illinois State Representative Patrick Windhorst voted against Senate Bill 1 due to the effects it could have on small business owners and

southern Illinois. Both released responses after the Senate and House passed the measure.

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118th District State Representative Patrick Windhorst says he is disappointed, but not surprised that Democrats in Springfield have muscled through an expedited bill to raise Illinois’ minimum wage to $15 per hour.

“They have the votes, unfortunately, to do whatever they want,” Windhorst said, referring to super-majority grips held by Democrats in both Chambers of the legislature. “Despite the early rhetoric from Governor Pritzker to work across the aisle, to achieve bipartisan solutions, this week we saw that was just a lot of talk. Ramming through a $15 minimum wage without proper study is likely to have devastating, long-term effects on Southern Illinois’ economy.”

Windhorst’s district shares border territory with both Missouri and Kentucky, states that will have lower minimum wages than Illinois by the time Illinois’ six-year increase takes full affect.

“We have to be very concerned in Southern Illinois about where we are going to be able to employ our citizens,” Windhorst said. “Profit margins are the only way that small business owners survive. Almost doubling the cost of labor will most certainly have small businesses and big businesses alike looking across our borders for friendlier business climates.”

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