About Us

The Metropolis Planet has been serving Massac County, Illinois and surrounding counties since 1865. The Planet is a weekly newspaper published every Thursday in Metropolis, Illinois, home of Superman. The newspaper also publishes the Southern Scene total market coverage newspaper covering Massac, Johnson, Pope and Pulaski counties in Illinois; Adventures Along the Ohio River tourism magazine and the Massac County Community Guide.

The Metropolis Planet and its staff have won multiple awards from the Illinois Press Association and the Southern Illinois Editorial Association and was most recently named Small Business of the Year by the Metropolis Chamber of Commerce.

The newspaper is published by Paxton Media Group, which is headquartered in Paducah, Kentucky. 

Along with being Massac County's paper of record for over 150 years, the Metropolis Planet has become a tourist attraction since its super affiliation began in 1972 when Metropolis adopted Superman as its favorite son. Unique to the Planet is an iron Planet globe positioned in front of the building, located at 111 E. Fifth St., that many tourists take pictures with. Inside the building is an operating newspaper office, as well as Superman memorabilia for viewing.