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The Metropolis Planet has been serving the Massac County community for 150 years. To subscribe, advertise or submit a news item, please contact us below. We will return your message as soon as possible.  Please be sure to include a contact phone number as well.

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Address: 111 E. Fifth St., Metropolis, IL 62960

All Departments: (618)-524-2141



General Manager

Areia Hathcock



News Editor

Linda Kennedy



Reporter, Photographer & Digital Media

Michele Longworth



Account Executive

Angie Humphries



Office Manager

Julie Holley

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What do you think - should the Planet keep using the same Superman on our nameplate?

Metropolis is the "home of Superman." The Planet has had Superman on its nameplate for about 40 years. Should Superman stay as is or should he and the globe be updated?

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