Libby Conkle with her hole-in-one ball last week on the third hole at Metropolis Country Club.

The folks who figure such things have reckoned the odds of a professional golfer recording a hole in one at about 2,500-1. Those odds grow significantly longer for the “average” golfer — more like 12,500-1.

Metropolis Country Club has seen its share over the years and despite the ongoing COVID-19 situation, at least a trio of golfers experienced the thrill of seeing a tee shot find the bottom of the cup this summer.

Back late in June, Brenda Johnson used a nine-iron on MCC’s hole number 11. Eleven is a tricky little par three protected by a small pond in front and some severe left to right and back to front slopes. From the ladies’ tee box it’s about a 90-yarder. Congratulations, Brenda.

Early in July in the Linwood Two Couple Scramble, Jason Helm aced the sixth hole at MCC with his gap wedge. With a “false front” obscuring his group’s line of sight, Helm wasn’t sure the shot went in but it assuredly did. With three plus decades of play under his belt, Helm’s first ace gives credence to the oddsmakers’ accuracy. Congrats, Jason.

And last but certainly not least, Libby Conkle, a freshman member of Massac High School’s golf team, drilled hole number three last week with a five-wood from about 155 yards. Let’s hope that Libby’s ace is a harbinger of her golfing future.

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