To borrow a phrase from an old Carole King song, this is truly a sweet season we’re entering.

Golf’s ultimate spectacle, the Master’s Tournament, is upon us.

Baseball’s opening day is here.

Tuesday night saw the NCAA basketball Final Four fleshed out, and we have high school football and soccer to enjoy.

If you enjoy the indoors, in addition to the NCAA Final Four, we have high school volleyball going on and quite successfully to boot.

We’re only five weeks or so from the Kentucky Derby and on it goes.

If you’re a sports fan, it kinda makes you understand how the one-eyed cat in a fish market feels.

Speaking of the Final Four, this has been a truly unique one. All the games played in this “bubble environment” in Indianapolis — or as Sir Charles Barkley interprets it “The Annapolis.” The commercials with he, Samuel L. Jackson and Spike Lee are downright funny … silly … maybe even stupid, but funny.

And the games, are you kiddin’ me?

I don’t fill out a “bracket” officially, but when someone asks my opinion, I’ve always told them to toss out the West Coast teams in either the first or second round.

Boy, would that have been a disastrous strategy this year.

Gonzaga is playing on a different level than everyone else and they are really fun to watch.

Baseball is my true love when it comes to sports, and Thursday sets the wheel in motion. So far, my Redlegs are still tied for first with the Cards and the Cubs.

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