I'll be the first to admit it. I don't follow professional hockey, and never did, and I don't follow the NBA. I used to be a huge NBA fan back in the days of Willis Reed, Lew Alcindor [Kareem Jabbar], Jerry West, Oscar Robertson and their ilk. But I doubt I could name a dozen star players now from the entire league, let alone remember players from all the teams.

With all the emphasis on three point shots, dunks and ultra physical play nowdays, I just don't get too fired up about it anymore. I confess I didn't watch a single game of either the NBA finals or the Stanley Cup playoffs. Up until the NBA Finals started, I really didn't know who Golden State was playing.

When I saw Golden State's Kevin Durant go down with the Achilles tendon issue, I figured that whoever their opponent was had a chance.

I also couldn't help but notice that their victory celebration, which drew approximately one million people to Nathan Phillips Square in downtown Toronto, was the scene for a shooting that injured four. I thought that only happened in the USA.

I remember many times when the NBA Finals were celebrated by near riots with burnings and lootings.

To listen to some folks, Toronto is much too sophisticated to suffer such foolishness. Folks there are knuckleheads in every country and every society. Stupidity knows no geographical boundaries.

As for the Stanley Cup, I'm truly glad that a "local" team pulled that feat off and like their counterparts the Toronto Raptors, the St. Louis Blues brought home the big prize for the first time in their history. I know a lot of folks who go to St. Louis and to Nashville to watch hockey.

I might enjoy it in person but I don't envision taking in a live game in my near future.

Never understood the game, never saw a person on the ice with a name that resembled mine and never thought I could really feel comfortable around a bunch of big, hairy dudes carrying sharp sticks.

Anyways, congrats to all the Blues fans around here on their team's win and likewise to the Raptors' and their fans, if there are any around here, eh?

Now for America's national pastime. Coming up on the All-Star break and the big surprise for me is the emergence of the Minnesota Twins. Don't dare call 'em the Twinkies anymore.

When the Astros get their big guns back [Altuve, Correa and Springer]….look out but till then the Twins get my vote. The Yankees are in the process of getting healthy again and they will be mucho formidable.

The Dodgers are the cream of the crop in the National League and the eventual winner of the N.L. Central [whoever that is] may be the second choice in the N.L.

The Braves have a young and talented bunch but are a notch or two below the Dodgers and maybe the Cubs or Brewers as well.

Food for thought. Have we become a society so lacking in patience, or maybe so dependent on constant amusement, that we have to be entertained/bothered while pumping gas?

Gas pump TV! You have got to be kidding. Mark this down, write it on a rock. All this technology and our utter dependence on it will be the downfall of mankind.

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