With new restrictions on our region [Covid region Five] it was up in the air for a while concerning SuperBowl and league play. But for the time being, things are still “a go.”

In league play last Thursday, Kelly’s Mane Image (KMI) increased their slim lead over Sunset Images, Sully’s Billiards and Metropolis Big John. KMI holds a four point lead over those three teams.

Kelly Lunsford led the way for her Mane Image team last week rolling a sparkling 528 series. Vicki Sweeney rolled a 488 for Sully’s, and Mary Hansen shot 442 for Sunset Images. On the men’s side, Cody Shelton fired a 575 for Sunset Images and the duo of Clyde Shafer and Louis Hillebrand shot 521 and 510 respectively for Big John.

In the Monday night men’s league, Griffey HVAC holds a five-point lead over Sully’s Billiards. Dillon Carver rolled a 611 series to lead the men while Barry Williams fired a 602. The Pinheads’ Mason Stewart rolled a fine 593 series with teammate Justin Harvill posting a 563.

In the Tuesday morning Ladies League, the Fab 3 hold a tiny one-point lead over Sweeney’s Small Engine Repair and a 3 ½ point lead over the Sassy Sixties. Phyllis Short rolled a 504 to take weekly honors for the gals with June Whelan shooting a 490 and Sunshine Gough shooting 436.

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