Mike Chumbler, the men’s basketball coach at West Kentucky Community and Technical College, presents the Kam Chumbler Leadership Award to Massac County High School senior Farrah Castleman on March 1. Castleman is the first female to get the award.

Massac County High Schools’s Farrah Castleman received the Kam Chumbler Leadership Award from West Kentucky Community and Technical College men’s basketball coach Mike Chumbler on March 1 during the Senior Night presentation against Harrisburg.

Chumbler’s son Kam died in 2015 at the age of 20. The award is given to deserving senior players to help with college costs. Castleman is the first female to be given the award.

Castleman went on to record her 1000th point against Carterville on March 6. Castleman’s career at Massac was marred by knee injuries and subsequent surgeries. She played a lot of her junior and senior years with a cumbersome knee brace, but it didn’t affect her shooting eye or her hustle on defense.

Castleman and running mate Kendra Waldon combined for a boatload of steals and deflections over the years.

Looking back on a “weird” 2021 season, Castleman said that in a way, it was really enjoyable — except for the abrupt ending.

“It felt like there was less pressure this year, and it seemed like everyone was nicer. Sometimes girls can be mean,” she said with a laugh.

She reckoned that, overall, her knee problems cost her a dozen or so games and given the shortened ‘21 season, her career wasn’t as long as it could have been, but no regrets.

“I enjoyed it all, and will miss it,” Castleman said.

She plans to use the Chumbler award money toward her schooling at Western Kentucky University where she will join her brother Drew. She said she might enjoy a career as a teacher, possibly a PE teacher, something where she could be around kids.

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