If you've followed the King Kat tournament trail results, you've seen the names of Carl Morris Jr., Rob Parsons, Jeff Dodd and Roy Harkness.

Well. this past weekend, teams from 13 states rolled into Paducah for the two-day Super Event. When the fog lifted, the final weigh-in was a classic.

The two teams of Morris and Parsons and Dodd and Harkness were all over each other in the weigh-in line, feeling each other out for a hint of what the other had in the live well.

The rumors were flying hot and heavy that one of the last boats had a "whopper" on board, and they proved to be true. The Ohioans [Norris and Parsons] indeed had a 73 pounder in the well that gave the team an unbelievably slim margin of less than a half pound over the West Tennesseans.

Norris and Parsons' stringer weighed in at 221.84# to the 221.48# catch of Dodd and Harkness. Dodd and Harkness had just edged out Norris and Parsons earlier this month at Helena, Arkansas, by again, less than a pound. What goes around comes around.

Dale and Matt Kerns of Norris City took third place with a stringer weight of 195.6# and the local team of Chad [and Tucker] Nalley and Dustin Goss brought in 52# of "ole whiskers."

This year marked the third year that Paducah has hosted the event, and the second year it has been classified a "super event."

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