Members of the Century High School Centurions basketball team for 2021-22 are, from left, (seated) Mason Clark, Landon McClellan, Landon Kissner, Connor Skaggs, Kaiden Jones, David Baker; (standing) coach Mark Zahm, Kaden Crain, Landon Dunning, Bryan Stuart, Dawson Gotway, Trevor Wilburn, Matt Nale, Kyle Gentry, Samuel Perez, assistant coach Randy Duke; (not pictured) Tristen Haddock, “Jy” Neal, Gabriel Pruitt and Koby Moore-Rushing.

Century High School boys’ basketball coach Mark Zahm got clobbered by graduation at the end of the 2020-21 school year, losing basically his entire starting lineup.

Despite the devastating losses, Zahm sees a silver lining for this year.

“We know that we’ll take our lumps this year, but this group is a hard-working bunch of youngsters, and we’ve got some pretty good talent coming up,” he said.

Another blow landed earlier this school year when Matt Nale, who was counted on heavily for this campaign, blew out a knee and underwent surgery.

Zahm is pleased with his numbers, their enthusiasm and their dedication, though.

“We had summer camp this year, we practiced against bigger schools, and we have had 12 or so boys, most of the time, show up at 6:30 for morning practices,” he said. “We know we’re going to take our lumps this year, but this group will be just fine down the road.”

Zahm will count on Landon Kissner, Connor Skaggs and “Jy” Neal heavily this season for scoring. Dawson Gotway gives him size in the middle, and, from there, Zahm said he and assistant coach Randy Duke will just have to figure it out.

The Centurions opened on Nov. 22 with a road game at Shawnee and then hosted Hardin County on Nov. 23. They end November with a road game at West Frankfort on Saturday, Nov. 27.

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