Thirty-one youngsters took to the course at Metropolis Country Club last Wednesday to wrap up their summer golf season.

The year end tournament is usually the biggest event of the year but was down a little from the best attendance a few weeks ago. After a while the heat and humidity takes its toll on the hardiest of us.

We had a nice group of little ones who played two holes from 100 yards [most of the time] and they were a joy to be around.

This group consisted mostly of first and second graders with a few younger ones also.

Their last day was not a competition, per se, we just wanted to see them have fun. Third and fourth graders played four holes from 150 yards out and we let them have a go at it.

On the girls' side, Emma Goins and Rachel Brown took home trophies. On the boys' side, Devin Harris was the outright winner with Ryder Johnson and Adam Stewart in a tie for second.

Our biggest group this year was the fifth and sixth grade boys. We usually had nine or 10 on hand from this group. On the boys' side, Eli Brown edged Ethan Goins by two strokes for first in this crowded bunch. Almost all of the other boys were bunched within five strokes of each other behind Brown and Goins.

The fifth and sixth grade girls group isn't quite as large as the boys 'group but we usually had at least five girls brave the summertime heat. Wilke Armstrong cleared the field for first with Jordan Forthman taking second. I may be partial here, but this fifth and sixth grade group [boys and girls] has some potential players in it.

And finally, speaking of potential players, our seventh and eighth grade group are taking the steps needed to compete at the high school level by walking nine holes and carrying their own bags. When they had completed their final hole Wednesday, Elise Coakley and Olivia Heine were atop the field. On the boys' side Luke Maurer and Preston Summer took home hardware. And for the umpteenth time [I have no idea how many times they have sponsored us] Linwood Motors made most of this possible.

For their money, the kids got to play a couple of hours each Wednesday and at the year-end affair they all got medallions, a Tshirt, a sleeve of balls, tees and a ball marker and, last but not least, were treated to lunch prepared by Shirley Harrison and her crew in the clubhouse.

I hope the kids had as much fun as Coach Adkins and I this year.

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