After sitting on the bench with past coaches Keith Shelton and Jim Prevallet for several years, Justin Kindle stepped front and center this year and assumed leadership of the MCHS Lady Patriot basketball program.

If he wanted a mixed bag, he got it. Kindle has almost all of his team back this year as graduation losses were minimal. He lost Bailey Duckworth and Paige Box to graduation but has returnees: senior Tayvia Bailey, junior Jenna Bunting, junior Farrah Castleman, senior Madie Coakley, junior McKinnley Korte, senior Camryn McBride, junior Cali McCraw and junior Kendra Waldon.

Kindle also has a bit of "X-Factor" in play also. Senior Jessie Lewis returns for her last campaign and should play a large role in the scheme of things when she gets her basketball groove back. Kindle also has a couple of talented underclassmen to throw into the mix. Sophie Bormann, Monique Hart and Autumn Russell have already seen playing time and figure to see plenty more.

A few games into the season, here are a few observations. Defense looks quite acceptable with tenacity and busy hands forcing opponents to work hard for shots so far. Rebounding is questionable but technique could straighten some of that out and offensive firepower seems lacking. Castleman can light it up from outside and several of these girls have the ability to put the ball in the hole.

A bit more of a scorer's mentality could make this group extremely interesting to watch as the year goes on.

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