From a Massac Countian's viewpoint, the "play-in" [quarter-final] game to the IHSA Class A girls soccer regional was a lot more interesting than the semi-final game.

Massac got to host the game against a known rival in Anna-Jonesboro on a field that was in surprisingly good shape when few around here would have been playable.

They then had a couple of days off to rest up for the Lady Eagles of Columbia, and Mother Nature provided us with a beautiful weekend off and good weather Tuesday as well.

Across the board, Massac played well against Anna and posted a comfortable 5-1 win. The ladies kept the ball on their offensive end of the field most of the afternoon, recording several shots on goal and ran a couple of really pretty scoring plays.

Anna's lone goal came when an Anna girl whistled a penalty shot by goalie Ashlynn Kommer for the Lady Wildcats' goal.

For Massac five girls booted goals: Brooklyn Belford, Farrah Castleman, Millie Lawson, Melina Rodriguez and Natalie Rottmann. Mentioning the upcoming Columbia game after the Anna win was like throwing water on a fire.

It seemed like everyone had a sense of foreboding about the Lady Eagles. Kinda like our bowling teams, when the competition comes from the Metro East area, it gets real good, real fast. And if you're not on your toes, it gets real late real early.

Suffice it to say that the Columbia match didn't go well for Massac as the Lady Eagles "threw a 13-0 shutout" at us. But my guess is that the girls shook it off and are looking forward to next year already.

Rome wasn't built in a day and Massac's soccer program is slowly and steadily making headway.

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