The winners of the skills contests at the Lady Patriots basketball camp were announced last week and here they are. There were three events judged and they were: Hot Shot winner, Free Throw winner and One on One winner.

Grade Three: Hot Shot- 1st Place- Aubrey Williamson, 2ND Place- Emery Foss. Free Throws- 1st Place- Bailey Bormann, 2ND Place- Tenley Barnett. One on One- 1ST Place- Emery Foss, 2ND Place- Hallie Jo Blye.

Grade Four: Hot Shot-1st Place- Emily Swafford, 2nd Place- Emalyn Stratemeyer. Free Throws- 1st Place- Kylie Bucher, 2nd Place- Sadie Kaylor. One on One- First Place- Sadie Kaylor, 2ND Place- Emily Swafford.

Grade Five: Hot Shot- 1ST Place- Harley Durham, 2ND Place- Pacey Wiley. Free Throws- 1st Place - Harley Durham, 2nd Place- Pacey Wiley. One on One- 1st Place- Harley Durham, 2ND Place- Abby Blair

Grade Six: Hot Shot-1st Place- Lydia McCraw, 2ND Place- Isabell Hillebrand. Free Throws: 1st Place- Isabell Hillebrand, 2nd Place- Jocelyn McCuan. One on One- 1st Place- Emily Hatfield, 2nd Place- Olivia Guice.

Grade Seven: Hot Shot- 1st Place- Laken Vickers, 2nd Place- Alyssa Browning. Free Throws: 1st Place- Laken Vickers, 2ND Place- Makiah Cox. One on One- 1st Place- Alyssa Browning, 2ND Place- Anna Helm.

Grade Eight: Hot Shot-1st Place- Elise Coakley, 2ND Place- Abigail Martin. Free Throws- 1st Place-Libby Conkle, 2nd Place- Katie Frazine. One on One- 1ST Place- Libby Conkle, 2ND Place- Adalyn Gower.

Grade Nine: Hot Shot-1st Place- Elyse Ibata, 2ND Place- Autumn Russell. Free Throws- 1st Place- Elyse Ibata, 2ND Place- Autumn Russell. One on One- 1st Place- Olivia Farmer, 2ND Place- Autumn Russell. Coach Kindle reported an attendance of over sixty girls for the camp.

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