Local coach earns recognition

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Kevin Towery

Lewis Williams, Metropolis Boy Scout Troop 101 Scoutmaster, recently recognized Kevin Towery, coach of the seventh and eighth grade Junior Patriots of the Massac County Youth Football League.

"The Aims of Scouting are character development, citizenship training, physical and mental fitness and leadership development," stated Williams. "We, as Adult Scouters, are charged with working to instill these values in the youth under our charge. I would like to shine the spotlight on another organization and person in our community that is working toward these same goals."

Such as Williams works with the youth as Scoutmaster, Towery also works hard to encourage the youth in the league to practice good sportsmanship, focus on schoolwork and the importance of it and being leaders not only on the field but in everyday life as well.

"He has not only given of his time but has also monetarily, converting the leagues enclosed trailer into a concession stand absorbing a substantial portion of the cost himself," explained Williams. "He has gone out of his way to make sure that every kid has proper protective gear beyond what the league issues and a ride to the game."

Most of the team's games take place in the West Frankfort/Benton area and win or lose, Towery takes the entire team for pizza at a Marion restaurant afterwards, paying everyone's way including family members.

"Now spending money doesn't make him stand out, it's the heart behind it that does. He truly cares about these kids and would do anything he can for them," added Williams. "I don't know how many people even know that Massac County has a youth football organization, but they should, and Coach Kevin should be applauded for all the effort he puts into these kids."

"He has been a huge inspiration to them, so I know he has had an impact on other youth that have come through the league beyond what I've seen for myself," concluded Williams.

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