Massac County’s golf teams are the latest to suffer from the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With an abbreviated schedule and, as of now, no plans for anything beyond a regional tournament, the teams are competing pretty much for the sake of competing.

First-year girls’ coach Mallory McVey’s crew is long on experience and talent with three seniors and a bevy of youngsters itching for the chance to play. The girls have been on a roll almost since day one of the short season and turned in a remarkable performance at Red Hawk Golf Club in the Pinckneyville Invitational. You hear the saying about Massac’s girls program that “they don’t rebuild, they just reload” and it seems to hold true.

Boys coach Gary Adkins is facing a stern rebuilding task with just three seniors in Andrew Maurer, Hayden Summers and JJ Sweatt. But Adkins has a nice crop of youngsters who will gain valuable playing time this fall. Midway through their shortened season, Summers has been Adkins’ steadiest player while several of the youngsters have shown marked improvement since the start of play.

The remainder of the girls’ schedule looks like this (as of now): Today at Carbondale; Saturday at Mt. Carmel, Sept. 22, SIRR Tournament at Hickory Ridge; Sept. 24 at West Frankfort; and the girls end their year at home against A-J and West Frankfort on Oct. 5. Beyond that is all “to be determined.”

The remainder of the boys’ schedule reads thusly: Sept. 21 home match with A-J; Sept. 22 at Carbondale; Sept. 24 A-J Invitational; Sept. 28 at West Frankfort; Sept. 29, SIRR Tournament at Carbondale’s Hickory Ridge; and then “to be determined.”

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