Members of the Massac County High School soccer team for 2020-21 are (from left, kneeling) Charlie Williams, Alex Mescher, Sawyer Bishop, Reece Farmer, Mason Westbrooks, Daniel Getten, Jak Kowalczik, Luther Hawes; (standing) coach Kyle Reinwald, Hunter Box, Reid Martin, Jake Miller, Blake Cummins, Emilio Bautista, JJ Sweat, Eli Henry, Kyler McIntosh, Lex Henderson, Noah Elliott, Jamison Goddard and John Stephenson.

As he heads into his second year as the boys’ soccer coach at Massac County High School, Kyle Reinwald likes what he sees.

With three-year starting goalie Drew Castleman gone, Reinwald is searching for a replacement and may have found a good one in JJ Sweatt, fresh off the basketball court.

The Patriots return their two top scorers from last year in Noah Elliott and Eli Henry. Henry also led the team in assists last year.

Reinwald is also excited about having Reid Martin back again. “I think Martin could be an All-Conference/All-South level performer,” he said.

Returnees Lex Henderson and Blake Cummins give the team a strong backline.

Another young man fresh off the hardwood is Kyler McIntosh, who brings an unreal level of athleticism with him.

“We expect him to play a huge role on this team,” Reinwald said.

Things may just be coming together at the right time for Massac County with a good mix of seniors and a bunch of talented youngsters. They also have the added incentive of playing for a conference title for the first time.

In the past several years, the SIRR didn’t have enough teams to play a legitimate “conference” schedule, but this year with six schools fielding teams, the boys have a shot at winning the SIRR Conference crown.

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