This is strictly baseball. I know there are a few "old geezers" like myself out there who feel this way so here goes.

I'm watching the Reds and Cardinals a few days ago, and the Cards broadcasters were interviewing Marty Brennaman. Brennaman is a legend around Cincinnati and is retiring this year after 46 years at the mic.

Asked about the state of the game, Marty replied, "I don't like it!" He said he misses baseball as it used to be played, and he complimented the Cards on the way they still TRY to play.

His biggest pet peeve was also mine: STRIKEOUTS.

I've watched games this year [two this week] where 35-40 percent of the total outs made were strikeouts.

I know pitchers throw harder now; blah, blah blah. If you can hit a home run off a 100 mph pitch, you can at least put it in play!

Chew on this. Ted Kluszewski, who played for the Reds in the 1950s had four stellar years where he hit more home runs than he struck out! From 1953 through 1956, "Big Klu" averaged 43 homers while striking out an average of 38 times a YEAR! And he wasn't the only one ever to do it.

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