Congratulations go to Hayden Lee and Julian Russell for being named to the SIRR-Ohio All Conference Basketball Team.

Lee and Marshon Merriel were also invited to play in the 41st annual Benton Lions Club All Star game at Rend Lake on March 29. Bailey Duckworth and Paige Box were also selected for the girls' game. Way to go, kids.

Monday afternoon was windy and cool, no -- forget that, it was cold, when Massac County's girls soccer team took on Thomas Kelly High of Benton, Missouri. Neither team could muster much offense as neither scored in the 0-0 tie but both teams got a lot of work in and hopefully no frostbite.

Tuesday saw Massac's softball team run their record to 5-0 with a 12-2 win over Vienna. Tuesday also saw the baseball team even their record at 3-3 with a 7-2 win, also over Vienna.

I've written several times about the travails of running an athletic department at a small school. My friend, Hunter Kreuter, down at Joppa faces one dilemma or another every year, and this year is no different. Meanwhile, over at Dongola, the baseball team threw in the towel on 2019. With only six or seven boys really wanting to play and a male enrollment of 30 or so, the school couldn't cajole enough boys into playing and finally shelved the idea of a team. For the second year in a row, Cairo had already nixed this season.

Major league baseball kicks off [officially for me] this Thursday and I think I'm ready. With all the crazy stuff going on in sports like the officiating in college basketball, these insane salaries for athletes, the current "pay to play" scandal rocking the collegiate world, etc., I'm about ready for a break from sports.

I'm ready for the soothing tones of Jim Nantz and the glorious scenery of Augusta National Golf Club. No instant replay monitor, no inept officiating, just the golf course and the players and 40,000 patrons.

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