Almost everyone I've talked to about this year's Patriot baskeball team mentions the word 'fun'.Coach Joe Hosman even allows that this could be a fun team to watch.

Over the decade or so that I've covered MCHS basketball, I've seen a few teams that were deadly serious…and not much fun and a couple of teams that were really fun to watch but just not talented enough to take seriously. At least on the surface this crew looks good enough to be taken seriously and at the same time be likeable enough to really enjoy. And that's when it gets really good.

There are a core of seven or eight players for Hosman to work with that seem to really enjoy each other and the competition that numbers bring. Returnees include guards Jacob Brown, Trajen Keyes, JJ Sweatt and Zach Travis, wing players Jase Mizell, Kaleb Ramer and Julian Russell and post Kyler McIntosh.

Newcomer Devin Scott may open a few eyes. Hosman likes the "floor awareness" of Keyes and Sweatt, who had a breakout season last year. Mizell, Ramer and Russell can all light it up from the outside and "steady Eddy" Zach Travis just does what needs to be done.

McIntosh could be somewhat of an "X-Factor" this year. The spring loaded McIntosh is a formidable jumper and could develop into a strong rebounder. With so much veteran talent on the roster, this team may come out firing or they may take a little while to gel, but I bet you that this will indeed be a 'fun' year.

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