While golf season may be months away for most of us, there are a die-hard group of golfers out at Metropolis Country Club that just don the long underwear, fire up the propane and play all year. It came to my attention a couple of weeks ago that one of "the herd" recorded his second career hole in one.

Chuck Girtman aced the difficult par three 16th hole on Dec. 14. Chuck's feat was witnessed by his fellow erstwhile golfers: Randy Eskridge, Jerry Throgmorton and Chuck Wood. Congratulations, Chuck.

Did you see the contract that Gerrit Cole signed with the New York Yankees? $324 million for nine years, and an average annual value of $36 million. I tried to break that down into numbers I could understand but got lost after an approximate valuation of ~$167,000 per inning based on his last few years' stats.

In "working man's" terms that's about $17,300 per hour based on a 2080 hour year. Kinda reminds me of the stock market right about now, just how long before the bubble bursts? I know the Yanks are sports' most marketable brand, but jiminy cricket.

I watched an ESPN production the other night about Larry Bird and Magic Johnson, and it brought back some fond memories. While Michael Jordan gets a lot of credit for saving the NBA, and it could use saving again, those two were totally responsible for the resurrection of the league.

I was a huge Knicks fan in the late sixties and then of Bill Walton and his Trailblazer crew, but after that the game didn't seem the same to me. All offense, no defense and no teamwork.

After watching 'Doctor J' and Bobby Jones run a fast break the league didn't compare anymore. Then along came Magic and the Bird. It wasn't all fun and games and pleasantries for sure, as the fans were largely divided by race and some of the ugliness of Boston and our human nature was revealed.

But when those two met on the court, all that was suspended and for two hours the beauty of the game was all that mattered. The game desperately needed those two and they in turn needed each other. It was an extremely timely and well done film. The general public would do well to watch it.

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