As if this year hasn’t been weird enough.

The NBA has sunk to new lows with political statements plastered everywhere and the league kowtowing to Communist China for its expanding presence on the mainland and the money that presence rakes in.

The NHL is slated to run from now until probably October, the PGA and LPGA are back on limited schedules, MLB is playing a 60-game schedule, COVID-19 notwithstanding, and all of this is occurring without the presence of fans.

Can cardboard cutouts contract or spread the virus? Does the shortstop really have to wear a mask in the field? Baseball is already facing the uncertainty of its season with new cases being reported almost daily.

While many of my friends have sworn off professional sports, for the time-being, I can’t help but tune in to the Reds’ broadcasts even though it sometimes doesn’t even resemble the game I grew up loving.

Hopefully we turn the corner one of these days.

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