The high school girls basketball season is winding down with regionals [Class A & AA] starting next week, and the junior high season just wrapped up with MJHS's girls bringing home another championship trophy.

Also at Rend Lake in the SIJHSAA playoffs, Vienna finished fourth in Class M, and the Lady Mustangs from New Simpson Hill edged by the Lady Polecats from Jasper-Geff for third place in Class S.

At the high school level, Joppa's Lady Rangers and Century's Lady "C"s both play at Goreville next Monday in the opening round of class A regionals. Joppa will tangle with Pope County while Century takes on Hardin County.

Massac County's girls bowling team travels to Salem this Saturday to take on the 13 team field in the IHSA regional tournament. Good luck to Coaches Hayes and Lynn and crew.

Well once again, the Super Bowl produced an exciting game and an embarrassment of a halftime show. Newsman Brit Hume called it "borderline lewd," and he was right. Borderline from the go, and out-and-out lewd in many parts.

That whole "South Beach" scene/sound isn't for me. Truth be told, I couldn't understand most of the lyrics, and they sounded like "disco-era" retreads to me.

I can't understand Pepsi sponsoring that spectacle. You gear your soft drink sales to mostly young people and then run out a show that, on a few occasions and from their overhead shots, resembled a Roman lovefest. I don't get it.

I remember a few years ago Lady Gaga was the halftime draw, and I had no clue what was coming only to be "wowed" by her performance.

This one was completely underwhelming.

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