Back in February 2017, I wrote a column titled “The Tom Brady Invitational.” Well, here we are again.

For the SEVENTH time Mr. Brady gets the Ring. I’m sure they have his ring size on file at Tiffany’s or whomever makes the rings for the Super Bowl winners.

Now comes the great debate: Is he the best [QB] of all time? Is he the greatest athlete ever?

As for the QB question, I was always partial to Joe Willie Namath, but “Broadway” had some gimpy knees and doesn’t compare to Brady when it comes to longevity. Joe Montana was a “bad man,” also. Bart Starr comes to mind, but when it all boils down, I don’t think we’ll ever see the likes of Brady again.

This season just cements his legacy. After a terrible start to the season, the Buccaneers reel off eight straight and just blow the doors off the Chiefs’ bus. Some key acquisitions along the way were instrumental, but when it finally came down to the big game, two minutes in, the handwriting was on the wall — Brady wrote it, and he wrote it in bold face to boot.

As for Greatest Athlete ever? I couldn’t cast a vote for Brady in that survey. I saw Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson, Bruce Jenner (or whoever he is now), Carl Lewis and a few others that towered over everyone else when it came to raw athleticism.

Brady is the best quarterback ever and leave it at that.

Now for the really important stuff.

Tampa Bay played with “an attitude” and was flagged for it more than once. The TV coverage had no qualms about showing and reviewing some of the taunting and physical junk that happened, but let a knucklehead run across the field in a rather comical get-up and “whoa, Nellie!” we can’t go there. The irony there was rich. Didn’t anyone tell the network heads that everyone in attendance had phones. It took all of about two minutes before the video was being shown all over the world.

And finally, the halftime entertainment was sorry. I’ll admit I had never heard of The Weeknd before Sunday and as for me, I made it through Friday night and almost to noon on Saturday before I pulled the plug on “The Weeknd.” I understand these are problematic times, but I would have enjoyed watching The Rolling Stones on tape and with their walkers far more than whatever that was that The Weeknd gave us.

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