After proclaiming the Astros the best team in baseball and predicting a World Series victory, I felt a little sheepish after the first two games and more than a little worried that the Washington Nationals might just clinch the Series without it ever getting back to Houston.

Houston's best power arms Justin Verlander and Gerrett Cole lost to the 'Nats in Houston and the oddsmakers gave the nod to Washington. But two pitchers, without the requisite 97 mph fastball that everyone covets now, got Houston back on track.

Zack Greinke, no fireballer but a superb pitcher for sure, and an unknown named Jose Urquidy who began the year at the "A" ball level and had never pitched above the "AA" level, leveled things out for the Astros.

Urquidy's performance was masterful as he mixed pitches beautifully and moved the ball over the plate all without the blazing fastball.

Sunday's 7-1 Astros' win gave the 'Stros a 3 game to 2 lead and with the Series now returning to Houston, the oddsmakers have suddenly re-established Houston as heavy favorites. And rightly so.

When this column comes out on Thursday, the Astros may still be celebrating and if, heaven forbid, the 'Nats come back and take the next two in Houston I will have egg and lots of it on my face. I could be wrong here but Washington has shed the "underachiever" label of the last several years and should be a force in the National League at least for a few more years.

As I returned home from Tuesday night's volleyball regional at McCleansboro, I listened to game six of the Series and watched the last four innings of the game live. What an epic game.

I hoped for a seven game Series with Houston winning and I indeed got the seven game Series. By the time this comes out in the Planet, I'll know who won and after watching Strasburg pitch his heart out in game six I really don't care who won. Washington impressed me to no end.

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